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Waste Free Roaring Fork Cup Challenge: February 4th - 8th

    Did you know it costs Americans 5.7 billion gallons of water and 9.4 million trees to produce the more than 20 billion single-use paper coffee cups that are used in this country alone? For one week we challenge you to take your reusable mug with you to the coffee shop -- it only takes 24 refills of your coffee mug to offset the environmental impact of its production.

    Head over to your local coffee shop, support a local business and bring your reusable mug to see which coffee shop can get the most customers to use reusable mugs. Check out the list of coffee shops participating in the challenge and go help your coffee shop win!

In other news:

The City of Aspen, Town of Carbondale and cities and countries across the globe are plastic bag free at their grocery stores. In most recent news the Town of Concord in Massachusetts is the first to ban single-use plastic water bottles. Check out this article for more details.

Check out Gretchen Bleiler, Chris Davenport, John Oates, and several other local celebrities as they use different types of reusable bags!

As of May 1, Aspen and Carbondale grocery stores no longer offer plastic bags at checkout. Paper bags each incur a $0.20 environmental impact fee. Make sure to have your reusable bags ready when you go shopping. In need of some reusable bags? Stop by Aspen’s Environmental Health office in City Hall for a free reusable bag. Look sleek and be green when you shop! For more information click the bag tab to the left!

ATTENTION City of Aspen Residents: The Pitkin County Landfill is no longer offering plastic bag recycling at the Rio Grand Recycling Center!

Check out the City of Aspen’s new summer bag design! Grab yours at City Hall today!